10 Best Parks for Your Dog in Chicago (2024)

Chicago is a fantastic city for dog owners, with numerous parks that welcome furry friends. Here's a guide to the best dog parks in the City of Chicago for 2023:

Idan Rafalovitz

January 2, 2024

Dog Parks

chicago dog parks
chicago dog parks

Bartelme (Mary) Dog Friendly Area:

Located at 115 S. Sangamon St, this park offers drinking fountains, kiddie pools, and small patches of fake grass. A small pet shop is also conveniently located across the street.

Bronzeville Dog Park #591:

Found at 3906 S. Lake Park Ave, this park features separate areas for large and small dogs, areas lined with mulch and artificial turf, and drinking fountains.

Edgewater Dog Park:

Situated at 5800 Lake Shore Dr, the park has grass and mulch surfaces, large trees for shade, and hosts community events, although it has limited seating and no water fountains.

Grant Bark Park:

Located at 1000 S. Columbus Dr, the park is mostly paved and provides ample seating, drinking fountains, and kiddie pools in summer [129†source].

Horner Park Dog Park:

At 2770 W. Irving Park Rd, this park has separate areas for different dog sizes, mulch surfaces, a water fountain, and kiddie pools. The active community here also offers volunteer opportunities.

Lakeshore East Dog Park:

This secluded park at 450 E. Benton Pl offers a quiet neighborhood setting, close to Lake Front Trail, drinking fountains, and is mostly asphalt with some grassy patches.

Pottawattomie Park Dog Friendly Area:

Spacious and located at 7466 N. Clark St, this park features mostly asphalt and pea gravel surfaces and has lots of room for dogs to run, though it lacks ample seating.

Skinner Bark Park:

Found at 1358 W. Monroe St, this large park features various surfaces including asphalt and artificial turf, water fountains, plenty of seating, and even a shelter for rainy days.

Walsh Park Dog Friendly Area:

Located at the end of the 606 Trail at 1722 N. Ashland Ave., it offers separate areas for large and small dogs, and has pea gravel and artificial turf surfaces.

Wiggly Field Dog Friendly Area:

Situated at 2645 N. Sheffield Ave, this park has a mix of asphalt and pea gravel surfaces, plenty of room to run, drinking fountains, and kiddie pools in summer, although it can be noisy due to nearby CTA lines.

Each of these parks offers unique features to ensure your dog has a great time. Remember, a DFA tag is required for access, so make sure your dog is registered to enjoy these wonderful spaces!

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