Pet Insurance for older dogs | Are there actually affordable options?

Astropaws is on a mission to get our most vulnerable pets insured. Believe it or not, there are affordable options out there to get your older dog the coverage they need.

Beau Grzanich

May 25, 2024

Employee Benefits

Pet Insurance for older dogs?
Pet Insurance for older dogs?

It's no secret, pet insurance can be a young pups game. Frequent vet visits are common as a dog discovers the world around them and eats things they shouldn't, go to places they can't, or does things that their body doesn't let them. That's ok, that's what Pet Insurance is there for.

But as a dog grows older, and their behavior changes to a more lazy, sleepy dog the premiums still seem to go higher. At a certain point it feels unaffordable or not worth it as pet owners.

That's okay! There's now an option to get the same rate as when they were young and we will tell you how.


The same way that group health insurance provided by employers solved issues relating to coverage for older employees through group rates, there is now an option to get coverage through your employer at no cost to them that will allow you to get pet insurance at the same rate as younger and less risky dogs!


When your employer signs up for pet insurance through us, we run a group underwriting process, which is based on the zip codes of the employees and what the average veterinary cost is for those zip codes.

When the underwriting process is complete, your company is offered a quote with a single rate for dogs, and a single rate for cats.

These rates are affordable, normally under $50 for a dog and $30 for a cat. That means your older dog will be covered at a huge discount compared to if they got coverage on their own!

It's also unbeatable coverage, with the ability to cover pre-existing conditions after a year on the policy.

And to reiterate this very important point - It's free for your employer to sign up. That means they can get you huge savings and get your pets covered at no additional cost to them.


We're the only benefits brokerage focused entirely on pet insurance. We believe strongly in affordable and accessible Pet Insurance as an employee benefit.

That means we can work with your current benefits brokerage, to enhance your company's benefits offering without having to switch vendors for any of your other important benefits plans.

We're here to help your company's furry friends, and reduce the rate of economic euthanasia in America.


Send your Human Resources (HR) representative or owner of the company this link.

We will ask them to pick a time for a very quick, 30-minute employee benefits discovery call.

They can do so here: Schedule a meeting.

On that call, we will review the program, talk about next steps, and get the underwriting process underway.

It's very easy to set up, and you could get your older dog enrolled within a month if everything checks out for your company.

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