Top 5 Golden Retriever breeders illinois in 2024

Experience the Joy of Golden Retrievers: Here's a curated list of the top 5 premier Golden Retriever breeders in Illinois for 2024. Explore their unique approach towards breeding, ensuring you bring home a furry friend that's happy, healthy, and nurtured with love.

top golden retriever breeders illinois

#1 - Illinois Golden Retrievers


Location: Chicago & suburbs

Price: $2300 - $2800

Phone: 847-271-5216

Illinois Golden Retrievers is a top-rated breeder in the region, known for their specialization in both English and American Golden Retrievers. Located just 45 minutes from Chicago, IL, they offer a convenient and accessible option for families. Their puppies are raised in a home environment rather than a puppy mill, ensuring high-quality care and socialization from birth. Additionally, they maintain a reservation and waiting list for litters, allowing future owners to plan for their new pet.

The breeder is committed to animal welfare, donating 20% of each purchase to the ASPCA to help animals in need. They also offer delivery services within northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, with fees based on distance. Ensuring the health and genetic integrity of their dogs, Illinois Golden Retrievers conducts rigorous genetic and Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) testing on all parent dogs, providing proof upon request.

Illinois Golden Retrievers is known for their competitive pricing and collaboration with training and service animal organizations, underscoring their commitment to producing dogs that can serve important community roles. Their reputation as the only top-rated breeder in northern Illinois highlights their excellence and customer satisfaction, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a Golden Retriever to their family.

#2 - Hakman's Golden Retrievers


Location: Central / Southern Illinois

Price: $1050 - $1500

Phone: 217-821-0070

Hakman's Golden Retrievers is a distinguished breeder that prioritizes the health and well-being of their dogs through comprehensive testing and care practices. They ensure that their Golden Retrievers undergo OFA testing in cardiology, ophthalmology, and orthopedics, as well as genetic clearance. As a licensed kennel, Hakman's maintains high standards of health and safety.

The breeder provides monthly heartworm medication (Interceptor Plus) and quarterly flea and tick medication (Bravecto), ensuring their dogs are well-protected. They also offer climate-controlled living quarters to provide a comfortable environment year-round. With the parents on the property, potential owners can observe the lineage and care practices firsthand.

Hakman's Golden Retrievers goes above and beyond by offering grooming and bathing services, requiring no deposits, and upholding values of integrity and trust. Their commitment to quality and ethical breeding practices makes them a reliable choice for prospective Golden Retriever owners.

#3 - Sun Prairie Farms


Location: Central Illinois

Price: Starting at $2000

Phone: Not Listed

Sun Prairie Farms is a dedicated breeder of English Cream Golden Retrievers, renowned for their beautiful white golden retrievers raised on a small family farm in central Illinois. Conveniently located just 20 minutes from Springfield and 10 minutes from Decatur, they provide accessible options for prospective owners. Their commitment to breeding dogs with wonderful temperaments and sound health ensures well-rounded puppies that make excellent family companions.

The puppies at Sun Prairie Farms receive Early Neurological Stimulation starting at just three days old, which helps in developing well-adjusted and resilient dogs. Raised in a home environment surrounded by children, other pets, and various stimuli, these puppies are well-socialized and prepared for their new homes. The farm also offers a puppy waitlist, allowing families to reserve their ideal puppy in advance.

Sun Prairie Farms can deliver puppies across the United States, making it convenient for families nationwide to welcome a new furry member. Their dedication to providing well-rounded companions, along with their emphasis on health, temperament, and family integration, makes Sun Prairie Farms a reputable choice for those looking to add a Golden Retriever to their home.

#4 - Kelakye Golden Retrievers


Location: Central Illinois

Price: Not Listed

Phone: 309-310-3330

Kelakye Goldens is a reputable breeder dedicated to producing Golden Retrievers with exceptional health, structure, soundness, and temperament. With a focus on creating dogs with a strong work ethic and performance abilities while maintaining the breed's renowned temperament, Kelakye Goldens ensures each puppy is well-suited for various roles, including hunting and performance.

Breeding, raising, and showing Golden Retrievers since 1991, Kelakye Goldens provides puppies with a spay/neuter contract and Limited Registration, offering a written guarantee against hereditary diseases. All breeding dogs are cleared for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, PRCD, and heart disease. Puppies are raised in a home environment for maximum socialization and undergo temperament testing on the 49th day to ensure they are matched with the most suitable homes.

Kelakye Goldens emphasizes the importance of informed decisions when adding a Golden Retriever to a family, recognizing that the breed's high energy and shedding might not suit everyone. Their commitment to the breed's future health is reflected in the price of their puppies. As active members of The Golden Retriever Club of America and The Golden Retriever Club of Illinois, Kelakye Goldens also coordinates the GRCI Hunt Test, showcasing their dedication to the breed's development and excellence.

#5 - A Golden World


Location: West Suburbs of Chicago

Price: Not Listed

Phone: 630-254-0310

A Golden World is a top-rated dog breeder dedicated to producing the healthiest and happiest puppies. Their mission focuses on health, temperament, and socialization skills, ensuring each dog is well-rounded and ready to become a beloved family member. The dogs at A Golden World are primarily cherished pets, receiving high-quality nutrition, exceptional care, and ample love and affection, along with necessary training and stimulation.

Understanding the challenges of finding the perfect puppy while avoiding scams and puppy mills, A Golden World adheres to the best breeding practices. They work diligently to ensure every puppy is healthy and well-socialized, tailored to fit the specific needs of each family. When you purchase a puppy from A Golden World, you receive a health guarantee and lifetime support, ensuring assistance and guidance whenever needed.

A Golden World goes the extra mile to support their puppies and their new families. Their commitment to ongoing support means that any questions or concerns about raising and caring for your new puppy will be promptly addressed, reflecting their dedication to the well-being of both their dogs and their owners.

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