Top 5 Corgi Breeders Illinois in 2024

Discover the leading Corgi breeders in Illinois for 2024. Unveiling the carefully selected and trustworthy establishments renowned for breeding healthy and happy Corgis.

Corgi Breeders Illinois

#1 - Creek Farms Corgis


Location: Central Illinois

Price: $1,500

Contact: 217-491-2185

Creek Farms Corgis encapsulates a uniquely warm and loving environment that seems to convey an authentic adoration for the Corgi breed. From the moment they purchased their first Corgi, Reba, they have embraced the breed's comical, smart, and eager-to-please personality which is mirrored in the joyful chaos of their lives. The value placed on family is clearly demonstrated as they take immense pride in raising their puppies within the home and on the farm, ensuring that each furry member is treated as an integral part of the family.

When purchasing a puppy from Creek Farms Corgis, it becomes immediately apparent that you're not just obtaining a pet, but gaining a best friend who has been socialized and tempered in the best possible environment. Further enhancing the appeal of this farm is the lifelong connection they maintain with their clients, offering advice and guidance making the journey of owning a Corgi enjoyable. They welcome everyone with open arms into their Corgi family, inviting them to relish in their 'crazy chaos'. Their infectious love for what they do is indeed captivating and ensures that your experience with Creek Farms Corgis is nothing short of extraordinary.

#2 - Thomas Acres


Location: Central Illinois

Price: $2,000

Contact: (618) 531-4425

Thomas Acres is a quaint family-owned farm nestled in the serene countryside of Raymond, Illinois, not too far from St. Louis and Springfield. The farm is home to a lively pack of Pembroke Welsh Corgis that not only elevate the farm's charm but are also considered an integral part of the Thomas family. Each Corgi carries a unique personality that adds joy and vibrancy to everyday farm life.

The farm, managed by Tawny and Adam Thomas, is renowned for its commitment to producing quality purebred Corgi puppies. They ensure every bit of care, time and love is invested in nurturing their puppies to enable them to adapt seamlessly into their new families. Beyond raising healthy puppies, Thomas Acres prioritizes building and maintaining strong relationships with all their puppy parents. An affirming testament to this is the array of images shared by satisfied clients, which dominate their website's gallery, providing future parents a genuine glimpse into the lives of their potential new fur-friends.

#3 - Big Grove Farms


Location: Northern Illinois

Price: Not listed

Contact: 815-761-1008

Big Grove Farms is an impressive and well-managed establishment with a strong focus on the welfare and development of their dogs. At the helm of daily operations is Erika, who meticulously takes care of the dogs, coordinates vet checks, and manages genetic testing results. Not only does she handle administrative tasks like litter registrations, but she also provides an invaluable service in assisting clients to find the perfect pup to match their needs and desires. She also maintains an active presence in the dog show world when possible, showcasing the high-quality dogs Big Grove Farms is known for.

The rest of the Big Grove Farms team complements and supports Erika's role proficiently. Seth brings an invaluable background in Animal Science to the farm, contributing to evaluations of puppies and making informed suggestions for pairing to enhance the breeding program. His vast experience in livestock judging and swine evaluation, having attended and evaluated at substantial venues, is a substantial asset. Meanwhile, Nate and Eli, despite their young age, play a crucial role in socializing puppies daily. Their involvement not only ensures well-rounded puppies but also instills a sense of responsibility and care for animals in today's world. Overall, the teamwork and dedication apparent at Big Grove Farms make it a commendable establishment.

#4 - Evergreen Elite Puppies


Location: Central Illinois

Price: $2,000

Contact: 217-841-6926

Evergreen Elite Puppies located amidst the idyllic rural setting of Central Illinois is a true testament to the love and dedication Allan has had for dogs since his childhood, sleeping with Tina every night and starting this endeavor in 1996 with his father. Its growth over the years displays their commitment, enabling both Allan and his father to look after the puppies round the clock. The establishment doesn't just breed puppies, they ensure that each one becomes part of a loving family, fully prepared to provide a lifetime of happiness and good health. Allan's personal touch, being the main point of contact, adds a layer of trust and reliability, making this a unique and heartfelt endeavor.

The commitment Evergreen Elite Puppies has towards the health and welfare of their pets stands out significantly. The provision of indoor and outdoor play areas, heated floors, air conditioning, and constant fresh air demonstrates their dedication to the comfort and wellbeing of the puppies. They go a step further to ensure genetic improvement through health testing of adult dogs in areas like hips, elbows, knees, heart, and eyes. This practice not only enhances breed standard genetics but also assures customers of the quality and health of their puppies. Furthermore, their commitment to continuous education and staying updated with scientific research for complete pet care ensures their standards and quality of care remain top-notch. In conclusion, Evergreen Elite Puppies guarantees a journey of pleasure and peace of mind for future puppy owners.

#5 - Sunny Garden Farm


Location: Western Illinois

Price: Not Listed

Contact: 309-221-8338

Sunny Garden Farm is a charming, highly dedicated operation located in the serene surroundings of Oneida, Illinois, just an hour away from both Peoria and the Quad Cities. Their specialty is the breed of Welsh Pembroke Corgis, a breed they have lovingly raised for over 18 years. The proprietor not only has a rich history of raising these affable canines, but has also been showcasing them in various dog shows, a testament to their quality breeding and upkeep.

The Farm places a significant emphasis on health, conducting a range of tests to ensure the well-being of each dog in their care. With a focus on DNA testing, Sunny Garden Farm guarantees each corgi is screened for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC), and Von Willebrand's Disease (vWD). While opportunities to purchase a pet puppy may be sporadic, the team at Sunny Garden Farm is steadfast in their policy of issuing each one with limited registration, effectively prohibiting their use for breeding. This commitment to controlling breeding and maintaining the high quality of their Corgis sets Sunny Garden Farm apart and ensures the health and happiness of their beloved dogs.

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