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Here are some badass anime cat names that you may consider for your fearless feline. These names are perfect for a rebellious daredevil or a sassy wild cat who intrigues you with their nine lives. Check out these anime-inspired names that exude strength and individuality:

The following list features a range of names inspired by famous anime cats. These names draw from various popular anime series and characters, showcasing how cats in anime have captured the hearts of viewers regardless of whether they represent good or evil. Some examples of these names include Jiji, Nekobasu, Anpu, Madara, Chi, Nyamsus, Buyo, Artemis, Pantherlily, and Takkun. Other notable names inspired by anime cats are Meowth, Kyo, Kaya, Sakamoto, Happy, Arthur, Lecter, Doraemon, Neko-gami-sama, and Bub. Additional names on the list include Chomusuke, Kyubey, Chimera, Karupin, Neko-Sensei, Maya, Puck, Tailmon, Kirara, Piro, Haru Mikazuki, Sphynx, Baron, Shamisen, Chachamaru, Kuroneko, Nekotalia, Blair, Sorata, Kuro, Jibanyan, Korin, Marl, Nanashi, and Diana. This comprehensive collection showcases the diverse and imaginative names inspired by anime cats that have left a lasting impact on audiences.


Perfect for a cat with a loyal and protective nature, named after the strong willed Mikasa Ackerman from "Attack on Titan."


Ideal for a cat with a playful and caring personality, echoing Usagi Tsukino, the real name of Sailor Moon.


For a cat with a smart and inventive demeanor, named after the genius inventor from "Dragon Ball."


Perfect for a cat with a brave and compassionate spirit, inspired by Asuna Yuuki from "Sword Art Online."


For a cat with a adventurous and resilient nature, named after the skilled navigator from "One Piece."


Ideal for a cat with a curious and determined character, echoing Kagome Higurashi from "Inuyasha."


Perfect for a cat with a mysterious and agile demeanor, named after the stealthy and powerful Yoruichi Shihouin from "Bleach."


For a cat with a gentle and sunny personality, inspired by Hinata Hyuga from "Naruto."


Ideal for a cat with a caring and mechanical skill, echoing Winry Rockbell from "Fullmetal Alchemist."


Perfect for a cat with a quiet and enigmatic nature, named after Rei Ayanami from "Neon Genesis Evangelion."

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For a cat with a sweet and creative spirit, inspired by Momo Yaoyorozu from "My Hero Academia."


Ideal for a cat with a strong willed and kind hearted demeanor, named after Videl from "Dragon Ball Z."


Perfect for a cat with a compassionate and healing nature, echoing Sakura Haruno from "Naruto."


For a cat with a bubbly and uplifting personality, inspired by Ochako Uraraka from "My Hero Academia."


Ideal for a cat with a whimsical and adventurous spirit, named after the young witch from "Kiki's Delivery Service."


Perfect for a cat with a fierce and protective nature, named after Erza Scarlet from "Fairy Tail."


For a cat with a cheerful and heartwarming demeanor, inspired by Yui Hirasawa from "K-On!"


Ideal for a cat with a cool and resilient character, echoing Rukia Kuchiki from "Bleach."


Perfect for a cat with an eccentric and leadership quality, named after Haruhi Suzumiya from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya."


For a cat with a sassy and mysterious personality, inspired by Faye Valentine from "Cowboy Bebop."

Do comics & anime themed cat girl names age well?

Comics and anime-themed cat girl names not only age well but also continually grow in popularity due to their unique charm and the enduring appeal of these genres. Cat girl characters (also known as Nekomimi) have played significant roles in numerous comic books and anime series for years, making their names a perennial favorite for fans and pet owners alike. An anime or comic-inspired name can give a nod to your favorite series and let your love for these media shine through, while also giving your pet a unique identity. Regardless of whether the series or character your pet's name is inspired by fades into obscurity or remains popular, your pet's name will retain its meaning for you. So, if you're a fan of comics and anime, don't hesitate to name your cat after a beloved Nekomimi character, as these names truly stand the test of time.

Choosing the perfect comics and anime-themed cat girl names can be quite an exciting yet daunting task, especially if you are a fan of both worlds. Here are some tips that you may find useful. Firstly, consider iconic characters from your favorite comics or anime series. Characters like Luna from "Sailor Moon" or Felicia from the "Darkstalkers" comic series are popular names for cat girls. Secondly, consider the character's traits and personalities and see if they align with the personality of your cat. For instance, if your cat is feisty and strong-willed, she might suit a name like 'Hit-girl' from the comic series "Kick-Ass". Another tip is to think of unique or less common character names. This adds a touch of originality and can often spark interesting conversations with fellow anime and comic enthusiasts. Lastly, ensure that the name is easy to pronounce and remember. This will make it easier for your cat to recognize her name and respond accordingly. With these tips, you're on your way to choosing the perfect comics and anime-themed cat girl names.

Tips for choosing the perfect comics & anime themed cat girl names

3 rules for naming your Girl Cat with a Comics & Anime Themed name

1. Make It Recognizable: Choose a name that is clearly associated with a particular comic or anime character. This will not only make it fun for you, but it can also be an interesting conversation starter with other fans of the genre. For instance, 'Sailor Moon', 'Misty', or 'Chihiro' can instantly be connected with their respective series or movies.

2. Consider The Personality: Although it may be tempting to name your girl cat after your favorite character, it's essential to consider her personality as well. For example, if she's playful and energetic, a name like 'Harley' (from Harley Quinn) might be a great fit. If she's more calm and majestic, a name like 'Serenity' (from Sailor Moon) could be more apt.

3. Easy to Pronounce: It's always a good idea to choose a name that is easily pronounced and not too long. It'll be easier for your cat to get used to her name, and for guests to remember it. Avoid complex Japanese pronunciation if you're not familiar with it. Basic names like 'Yoko', 'Asuka', or 'Momo' can work well and are all inspired by anime characters.