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humerous boy cat Names

Sir Purrsalot

For a cat who communicates his noble demands with a relentless purr.


Perfect for a cat with an impressively bushy set of whiskers that steal the show.

Meowster Chef

Ideal for a feline foodie who believes the kitchen is his realm to command.

Captain Fluffypants

For a cat with a coat so fluffy, it demands a rank of its own.

Purrlock Holmes

Perfect for a detective cat who solves the mystery of the missing treats.

Catrick Swayze

For a smooth moving cat with dance moves that rival his namesake's.


Ideal for a wild at heart cat who navigates the urban jungle with ease.

Fuzz Aldrin

Perfect for a daring explorer cat with aspirations that reach the moon.

Chairman Meow

For a cat with a commanding presence that dictates the house rules.

The Great Catsby

Ideal for a cat with a flair for the dramatic and a taste for the luxurious.

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Paws McCartney

For a musical cat whose purring melodies can soothe any soul.

Cat Damon

Perfect for a cat with a mysterious charm and a knack for adventurous escapades.


For a wise and leading cat who parts the sea of toys with a single swish of his tail.

Catniss Everclean

Ideal for a cat with impeccable grooming habits and a survivalist spirit.

Leonardo DiCatrio

For a cat with a cinematic presence and heartthrob good looks.


Perfect for a cat with Herculean strength, especially when it comes to opening treat jars.


For a cat with a regal demeanor and a penchant for "ruling" with a soft paw.

Hairy Potter

Ideal for a cat with magical whiskers and a mysterious past.


Perfect for a cat who can charm his way out of any mischief with a single purr.

Meowmar Khadifi

For a cat with a rebellious streak and a talent for orchestrating a coup against the household norms.